What It Is and Why You Need It

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance company where you pay a monthly amount (premium) to get coverage to pay bills. You pay a small part of your bills, then your insurance company agrees to pay the rest.

Why do I need health insurance?

Some people need to see a doctor often, while others may only need to go once or twice a year. Either way, everyone needs medical care at some point in life. Unfortunately, getting the medical care you need can cost a lot and leave you with a lot of debt.  In some cases, medical bills can quickly become tens of thousands of dollars.

For Example: The average cost to fix a broken leg is up to $7,500. Without health insurance you are stuck paying the entire bill yourself.  Health insurance helps you protect yourself from high, unexpected costs like these. By purchasing health insurance, your insurance company agrees to cover a portion of your medical bills.

But what if I don’t break a leg? Or have other high medical costs?

There are other important benefits to having health insurance. Almost all health insurance plans provide some services for FREE. These services include free yearly check-ups, vaccines and some other screenings. Some plans even help pay a portion of the cost of prescription drugs.

No one tries to get sick or hurt.  Health insurance is there to help you cover the cost and protect you from very high and unexpected expenses.